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Formation and content of the purchase contract

The offers on this website are no immediate offer to buy, but a
non-binding invitation to tender by the customer. The final contract is
only through the adoption of the order and the shipment of goods by the

All goods and services subject to these Terms used. Any buyer prescribed
by the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be contradicted and
excluded. Ancillary are only effective if they are in writing by both
sides confirmed.

Price, payment and delivery deadlines, scope of supply

All prices are, unless otherwise indicated, in EURO including VAT.
Errors in price, are reserved.

If parts of the order temporarily or permanently no longer available, so
it is incumbent upon the suppliers,
a) the order as a whole, only then to be delivered if all products are
available and / or
b) the delayed parts individually or in groups as it and / or
c) the content of the purchase agreement not to reduce available products.
The customer is informed of this decision. Additional shipping fall into
this case not to.

Payment is made by prepayment. It is immediately after receiving the
order confirmation to the customer. It is the ordering process defined
in the form of payment observed.

The delivery is the earliest after receipt of payment. The usual
delivery time is up to 5 business days after receipt of payment. From
that date, in individual cases and non-availability of certain products
will be waived. In these cases, compensation claims, resulting from
delays in delivery, are not invoked. Delivery deadlines prescribed by
the buyer does not mean delivery promises.

Delivery will be made only when entering the delivery address below to
select countries.

If the buyer to purchase the subject is duly to (default assumption) is
the supplier of the goods otherwise have. Which remain unaffected the
rights of the supplier, after notice to rescind the contract or damages
for non-performance. The buyer refused to accept the delivery or service
in whole or in part or in the order comes from a pool of buyers
representing reason not to implement, the supplier, notwithstanding the
entitlement to payment of the contract for expenses already incurred and
the costs of Disposal facilities already produced, damages in the amount
of 12.5% of contract value or relevant part of the demand. The assertion
of a higher actual damages.

Delivery and performance

The supply is at risk of the customer. He carries the risk of
transportation. Delivery and performance within the meaning of the law
is Oklahoma. This transfer of risk also applies if free shipping or free
delivery has been agreed. Claims arising from loss or damage during
transport are directly connected to the transport company to inform.

The content and scope of products offered, product features

The prices of products offered at any time unilaterally by the supplier
be changed. An entitlement to a certain price does not exist. For the
purchase of each is always at the conclusion of the contract price
agreed. Subsequent price changes or promotions are not taken into
The availability and the idiosyncrasies of products may at any time
unilaterally by the supplier be changed. An entitlement to the delivery
of a certain article does not exist.
Products are exemplary pictures displayed. Goods can be delivered from
the illustrations in color and characteristics differ.
For orders by the supplier can also reasonably be differing version of
the product delivered.
Errors and false product descriptions are reserved.

Warranty and Product Liability

A complaint of defects is proof of a valid purchase contract (in this
case copy of the invoice or delivery) is possible. In the case of a
legitimate Reklamtion the supplier may Mägel twice after its own
decision by repair, replacement or conversion off. Only then is a
cancellation of the contract by the customer possible. Beyond warranties
shall be deemed to be excluded. A warranty can not be claimed if a
shortage of not properly use or modification of the product results.
A product from the supplier is excluded. It is an exclusive manufacturer
liability agreed. Claims should be sent directly to the manufacturer of
the product to judge.

Retention of title

Delivered goods remain until all the vendor claims, including all
charges, unconditional and unpfändbares ownership of the supplier.

Applicable law, jurisdiction

It applies exclusively federal German law. Provided no entgegenspricht
the statutory scheme applies to traders and foreign nationals, Doebeln
(Saxony, Germany), or for individuals whose jurisdiction as a court of competent

Assignment ban
The assignment of rights and / or transfer the obligations of the buyer
from the sale are without the written consent of the suppliers are not

Effectiveness of these legal provisions

If parts or individual formulations of this text are not, no longer or
not completely correct, the remaining parts of the document in their
content and validity. The affected parts of these provisions will be by
such legislation Replace the original economic intent of this agreement
come closest.

Data protection provisions

The orders collected personal data are only for the purpose of the
contract settlement stored and used. The duration of storage based on
the legal documentation requirements. Personal data are not disclosed to
third parties. Excluded from this are service partner to the order
processing data. In these cases, the volume of data transmitted only to
the necessary minimum.

Cancellation of an order

You are allowed to withdraw your contract within 2 weeks (by sending a letter, a fax or by email) or by returning the goods, except in the case your order has been placed as a result of your employer’s activity (orders by employers). The withdrawal period starts with the receipt of this instruction as well as receiving the ordered goods. For preservation of the withdrawal period a withdrawal in time is sufficient. Please send the above mentioned withdrawal to:, Inh. Lothar Erdmann, 8 Eichenweg, 04720 Doebeln, Germany, Facsmile +49-3431-7340349, Email:

The seller reserves the right to demand compensation for a loss of value, if the returned goods are used, in bad condition or defective. No claims for compensation shall be admissible if a loss of value should exclusively derive from testing. You may avert claims for compensation in connection with use of merchandise by viewing the latter only to an extent necessary for such inspection. Please send the parcel at our risk; if this is not possible, we will pick up the parcel at your home if possible. Refund of payment must be made within 30 days after sending the withdrawal to our adress.
You are required to pay for the return if the item or items are identical to the ordered item or items, and the price is not higher than 40 Euro, or when you did not pay a higher price in full or partial payment.

The withdrawal doesn’t exist for Items which are made concerning individual specifications of the consumer and items that are not suitable for returns, i.e. liquids.

End of withdrawal.