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Keffiyeh Wrapping Instructions

Did you know? There is a wide range of different names for the traditional arab dressing: Keffiyeh, Kufiya, Kafiya, Kefije, Kaffiyeh, Shmagh, Shemagh, Yashmag, Ghutra or Hatta.

Fold the keffiyeh into a triangle.

Place it over your head, so that the left end is shorter than the right side by the proportion of 1/3 to 2/3.

Take the left side with your right hand, bring it under your chin and raise it tot the right ear.

Now take the right side (longer end) with your left hand. Place it to the left so that you get a horizontal line in front of your head.

Continue to wrap the keffiyeh around the back of your head.

Finaly both ends meet up near your right ear. Connect them with a knot. Both of your hands are to the right over your head.

The shemagh is now placed comfortable and stable around your head.

You can tear down the front and expose your face.


pictures: Thomas Weigl