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CO2 neutral hosting for our environment

The protection of the Earths climate is on of the great challanges of the 21st century. Every one of us has to do what he / she can.

Running a webserver (hosting our online shop system) needs much energy for the computer systems and the air conditioning. As the consumption of energy is still connected to high CO2 emmissions. Therefore the provider of our hosting center buys so called "emmission reduction certificates". Thereby a steady financial support is given to wind energy project in India. The CO2 emmissions saved by this project equal the emissions cased by our webhosting. Thereby we can "neutralize" our CO2 emmissions.

Of cause the best way would be to use only Renewable Energy for our web hosting. Given the high amounts of energy consumption for web hosting this is not as easy to finance as might think. As long as this solution is not available we will continue the second best option of neutralization.

CO2 neutral hosting for our environment